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Besides regular -and customized HPO Masterclasses, our experts also provide inspiring eCourses. These online courses can be taken independently in your own time and pace.

The High Performance Organization (HPO) framework has inspired many people all over the world to improve their organization. For anyone who wants to learn more about the success factors of HPOs, wants to work on improving his / her department or organization, or wants to become an HPO- this HPO eCourse was developed. From HPO expert Dr. André de Waal you will receive the latest insights on HPO and gain information from best-practices of other organizations (including a personalized HPO certificate).

The HPO eCourse is intended for people who want to bring the HPO thinking to a higher level within their organization. During this eCourse you get insights and will look from a distance at yourself and your organization (department). You get 1.5 hours of video material (supplemented by homework assignments and practice videos) which will help you to achieve your goals.

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Even if your organization is performing well at the moment, you need insight. With that insight, you can further improve your internal organization. What will lead to even better financial results, happy employees and customers who are fans.

Like many other organizations in the UK and USA we can help you to become an HPO? Contact us for more information!

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