HPO Masterclasses

With the worldwide publication of André de Waal’s book What Makes a High Performance Organization, the HPO Center will start offering its much sought after and successful HPO Masterclasses on all continents, on a regular basis.

Possible HPO Masterclass for your organization


Day 1



Day 2



Core insights from this two-day intensive training include:

Class size:

Our Masterclasses will be held with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 delegates. Admitted delegates will be confirmed six weeks before the Masterclass.


Every Masterclass will be taught by at two experts from the HPO Center. These experts are noted for their practical experience with HPO work at organizations and their contributions to field-based research. They are also very experienced in teaching Masterclasses. More information on the experts can be found on this HPO experts page.

More information:

Zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie mehr Informationen wünschen (in Englisch): / +31 (0) 35 – 603 70 07.