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HPO Masterclasses


With the worldwide publication of André de Waal’s book What Makes a High Performance Organization, the HPO Center will start offering its much sought after and successful HPO Masterclasses on all continents, on a regular basis.

Possible HPO Masterclass for your organization


  • HPO Questionnaire: The participants fill out the HPO Questionnaire, via the internet link. Note: participants who did this already for the skype session do not have to do this again.
  • Analyzing the HPO Questionnaire data by Dr. De Waal, in preparation of the Master Class.

Day 1

  • Meet the participants: The participants introduce themselves, and also their expectations of the Master Class.
  • The HPO Framework: A presentation and an in-depth discussion of the HPO Framework: the 5 factors and 35 accompanying characteristics, the research behind them, what is not important/the hygiene factors, practical implications, results to be expected from an HPO transition.
  • For your organization’s HPO Diagnosis: A presentation and discussion of the HPO Diagnosis results of For your organization: overall HPO score, HPO scores per for your organization, what is going well, what has to be improved.


  • Working on For your organization’s HPO attention points: Participants work in groups (1 group per For your organization organization) on the attention points of their organization. Discussed are: what are the causes of the HPO scores, what can be done to improve the scores, what is needed for that (time, resources, knowledge), what is the priority of the improvement actions, how can we involve the employees.
  • The HPO transition: A presentation on the approach of and interventions which can be made during the transition to HPO.
  • The HPM Questionnaire: Participants fill in the HPM Questionnaire


Day 2

  • The HPP Framework: A presentation of the HPP Framework: what is a successful partnership, the factors and accompanying characteristics, the research behind them, results to be expected from an HPP transition, how can partners (suppliers, customers, other organizations) be involved. Discussion how HPP can be incorporated in the HPO transition.
  • Continue working on For your organization’s HPO attention points: Participants work in groups further on the attention points of their organization, incorporating the results on the HPP discussion. They make a presentation of their HPO action plan.


  • Presentations: Each group presents the plan for improving your organization. The other groups comment on this.
  • The HPO transition for your organization: Common attention points, common improvement actions and common priorities are discussed, and cooperations on parts of the HPO transition are decided upon.
  • HPO Q&A and closing: The last questions on HPO can be asked and discussed, after which the Master Class is closed.


Core insights from this two-day intensive training include:

  • What you should do to improve organizational performance.
  • What you should NO longer do to improve organizational performance.
  • What the five HPO factors are, and what other organizations do to improve these factors. 
  • What the 8 most common performance “leaks” in an organization are.
  • How to determine which HPO aspect(s) you need to tackle in your organization in ordre to become an HPO.
  • How to initiate the dialogue on performance improvement within your organization.

Class size:

Our Masterclasses will be held with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 delegates. Admitted delegates will be confirmed six weeks before the Masterclass.


Every Masterclass will be taught by at two experts from the HPO Center. These experts are noted for their practical experience with HPO work at organizations and their contributions to field-based research. They are also very experienced in teaching Masterclasses. More information on the experts can be found on this HPO experts page.

More information:

Zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie mehr Informationen wünschen (in Englisch): / +31 (0) 35 – 603 70 07.