HPO Diagnosis

High Performance Partnership (HPP) Diagnosis

When an organization is hard at work transforming into a High Performance Organization (HPO), sooner […]

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HPO Masterclasses

With the worldwide publication of André de Waal’s book What Makes a High Performance Organization, […]

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Performance Management Analysis – PMA ®

An increasing number of organisations are implementing strategic performance management systems. Despite the increase in […]

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HPO scan


Ein Unternehmen kann seinen Hochleistungsorganisation (HPO) Status anhand der Durchführung einer HPO-Diagnose bestimmen. Im Rahmen […]

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Workshops for Creating a High Performing Higher Education Institutions

By mr. Leo A.F.M. Kerklaan and André A. de Waal MSc, MBA, PhD In line with […]

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Executive program 'Creating a High Performance Organization'

Workshops & Seminare (Englisch)

Awareness and Discussion within Your Management Team Active, customized workshop on topics such as: ’High […]

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overview of the academic articles and papers on High Performance Organizations by André de Waal MSc, MBA, PhD

HPO Advisory (Englisch)

We work with all sorts of organizations across the globe. Our continuous research helps clients […]

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