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Unleashing Organizational Attractiveness through High-Performance Strategies

This Quick Insight ‘Winning the war for talent’ explores how organizations can win the war for talent by enhancing their attractiveness through High-Performance Strategies. The article sheds light on the current challenges in the talent landscape, such as the growing skills mismatch and shrinking workforce. It highlights that High-Performance Organizations (HPOs) are inherently more appealing to top-tier talent. A new metric for organizational attractiveness is introduced, focusing on the time it takes to fill ‘bottleneck vacancies.’ The article also provides actionable strategies for increasing an organization’s appeal, including fostering innovation and enhancing employee development. This is an essential read for business leaders, HR professionals, and policymakers interested in fortifying their organizations by attracting the best talent.

“In the intensifying talent war, our research has uncovered the correlation between HPOs and talent attraction. Highlighted by quicker filling of bottleneck vacancies, HPOs inherently appeal to top talent.”

— André de Waal


  1. Current Talent Landscape: The competition for talent is at an all-time high due to a growing skills mismatch and shrinking workforce. Organizations need to enhance their attractiveness to appeal to potential employees and keep current employees.
  2. High-Performance Organizations (HPOs) & Attractiveness: HPOs, defined by factors like superior management quality, openness and action orientation, long-term orientation, continuous improvement and renewal, and employee quality, are inherently more attractive to top-tier talent.
  3. New Metric for Attractiveness: The time it takes to fill ‘bottleneck vacancies’ is proposed as an objective measure of an organization’s appeal to potential employees. It turns out there is a strong positive relation between how high performing an organization is and the length of the ‘bottleneck vacancies fulfillment time’.
  4. Strategies for Enhancement: To become more attractive, organizations should boost innovation capabilities, strengthen improvement capabilities, increase management’s focus on performance, and enhance employee development.
  5. Roadmap to Winning the Talent War: Becoming an HPO enhances an organization’s attractiveness, helps to win the talent war while fortifying competitiveness and ensuring long-term growth. Attracting talent is therefore not just an HR issue, but integral to organizational success.

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