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Dienstag, 1 September 2009

Saudi Arabia becomes acquainted with the HPO Center


The Performance Measurement Center of Government Agencies (PMCGA), part of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), was recently established – on the instructions of the King of Saudi Arabia – to gather information on the performance of 200 government institutions. The HPO Center was invited by the Board of Directors of IPA to exchange thoughts on the establishment of this center and to remain involved in its development in the future.

During a two-day learning program initiated by the HPO Center, our HPO Experts worked with the Board of IPA on the establishment of the PMCGA. We primarily discussed the difference between an organization that ‘measures’ performance and one that also serves to ‘improve’ performance. The HPO Center’s experience in measuring and systematically improving was of particular added value in this regard.

André de Waal has since been invited to talk about High Performance Government Organizations at a scientific conference in Riyadh in November.

“We would like to thank all of the HPO’s team who happen to be generous and welcoming. We enjoyed our meeting with you and learned a lot and we look forward to strengthen the relationship between your center and ours.”

— Moshobab Alkahtnai, Ph.D - Director General, Performance Measurement Center of Government Agencies - Institute of Public Administration

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