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High Performance Leadership of the Elephant

High Performance Leadership - ElephantHigh Performance Leadership of the matriarch is all-important. High Performance Leadership means that the matriarch, the oldest and most experienced elephant, indicates direction, ‘coaches’ the herd towards a new goal, monitors the solidarity of the herd and leads strongly by example.

What are the characteristics of this High Performance Leadership behavior?

The matriarch always acts in the interest of the group, is in the lead to protect the herd, is result-oriented, decisive and establishes a clear framework. For instance, the matriarch indicates when and where the herd will stop to drink or sleep, and when they will continue walking. This is HPO (High Performance Organization) behavior that serves to protect the next generation.

In short: A successful High Performance leader builds relationships of trust by combining honest and coaching leadership with strong role-model behavior, fast decision-making (also regarding non-performers) and result orientation, all of which is based on a long-term vision.


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