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HPO Diagnosis in 2 minutes (animation)


As a manager you do recognize this?

No matter how much improvement initiatives you start, it never leads to serious long-term results. Besides, the widely discussed reorganisation leads more often to restlessness and agitation than to actual improvement. Despite the fact that nothing seems to be working, you know that something has to happen to move your organisation forward. But what? Hire an external consultant? Roll out a Management Development program? Introduce a new IT system?
Which approach truly guarantees long-term improvement in performance?

Don’t panic, what your organisation needs is the HPO Diagnosis.

The HPO Diagnosis will tell you how your organisation performs on the success factors of High Performance Organisations; HPO’s.
Pay attention: many years of scientific and practical research in all sorts of organisations around the world have brought to light the 35 success factors of High Performance Organisations.

When you knows how your organisation performs on these factors, you’ve got the right focus. This doesn’t mean starting even more projects, but spending your scarce time and budget in a smarter way.

How it works?

1. We measure the performances of your organisation on the HPO success factors
2. Use interviews to find out the story behind the numbers
3. HPO-experts analyse the results and report their findings
4. Together with you, we will create an action plan with the right focus
5. Knowledge and experience of other organisations will help you with this
6. We will train employees, selected by you to become HPO-coaches
7. Without external consultants, we will measure the improvements together with your HPO-coaches.

Follow the example of many successful organizations, and create results:
Strong managers, enthusiastic employees, more innovation, customers becoming fans, more profit.. or for non-profit and government organisations : higher quality with the same, or less budget.

All of this, year, after year, after year…

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