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Long-term orientation: the African wild dog

Long-term orientation: The African Wild DogThe African wild dog (also know as the painted dog) shows the unique characteristics of long-term orientation in a ‘difficult market’. Typical behavior of the African wild dog is their social collaboration. They encourage each other and stimulate each other to be successful. Every member of the pack contributes to achieving the results. Successful hunting techniques are shared with the next generations since long-term survival comes before short-term gain. The pack also forms a safe environment in which the interest of the group takes precedence over the interest of the individual.

Speed or size aren’t the most important to be successful. For long-term orientation…cooperation is:

  • The leopard has an average of 10 % success when hunting.
  • The Lion, hunting alone, has a success rate of 17% and together 30%.
  • The Cheetah, worlds fasted animal on land, is successful 50% during the hunt.
  • The African Wild Dog, learns from generation to generation how to hunt as a TEAM (Together Each Achieves More). Over 80% of their attacks ends successfully!

In short: Long-term continuity always comes before short-term profit to a successful manager. This manager creates a safe and stable work environment. The long-term mindset focuses on all interested parties of an organization: customers, society, suppliers, employees, the government, social groupings — everyone benefits.


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